Who we are

Our Values
AARAV (Affordable, Accessible, Reliable, Affable, Valuable) Cares for you and your family. We believe in providing affordable medical services which is accessible and reliable for every individual who are  looking for affable and valuable service provider.

Aaravcares.com, is India’s first online pharmacy offering ‘Pharmacist Centric Model’ where the registered Pharmacist are involved from own, order, digitize, dispense and delivery of your medicines. Unlike others we have a registered firm, high equipped warehouse facility as per the norms and policies of SFDA and highly experienced staff members, qualified with pharma and healthcare intellects.

We provide quality medicine and healthcare products which are duly tested at all the stage of product by Quality Assurance and Quality Check department of the manufacturer to ensure highest quality of your medicines. Through our internal scrutiny system to validate the background of the distributors/suppliers/stockists we pick the authorized distributors/suppliers/stockists of the companies and procure the products from them.

We procure products from various multinational and domestic companies whose facilities are certified as per WHO GMP/ ISO.