Pathologist at your home

At Aarav we aim to provide quality pathology support to residents in the comfort of their own environment. Our service is customized to meet patient needs and is particularly suited to the elderly or patients with mobility issues.

We attempt to develop a work setting where belief and team spirit are an integral part of everything we do; to set an pattern, to take ownership of each situation to the best of our ability and to seek support when required.

We have specialized pathologists on-site; conveniently located collection centers in the local and surrounding districts; extensive courier network and electronic access and downloading of results.

Our pathologists will

  • Collect the samples from your door step
  • Provide you the laboratory of choice option
  • Show the rapid turn around of results
  • Deliver report at your door step
  • Guide you to the specialists based on the reports (if required)


Your Pathologist and convenor

  • Our pathologist will collect blood/urine/stool samples at your door step

Consultation Charges

  • The charge would be the same as mentioned by the preferred laboratory.
  • We take minimal charge of 100 INR per report*.

* Includes – Sample collection from your door step + Delivery at your door step + electronically store of records + referring to the specialists based on the lab report